Leaders of excellence in career development.

The Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) is Australia’s cross-sectoral community of career development practitioners, with members in every state and territory and across all sectors of the profession. CDAA (formerly Australian Association of Career Counsellors) was incorporated in South Australia on February 1989. In 2007, the Association voted to change its name to the Career Development Association of Australia. The CDAA is a member of the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA).

The CDAA is a member-service incorporated association managed by an Executive Committee elected from within the membership. It has Divisions in every state and territory which are run by member-elected Division Committees. The CDAA is managed by members, for its members. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome by contacting Peter Mansfield National Manager, nationalmanager@cdaa.org.au.

The CDAA is committed to the Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners and all CDAA members are bound by the CICA Code of Ethics. These Standards and Code lists the principles of professional conduct developed to safeguard the welfare of consumers and clients of career services provided by members, the integrity of the Association and the integrity of the profession.

The CDAA Strategic Plan 2020 – 2022 contains four goals, which are:

  1.  Community and Collaboration: CDAA members are positively engaged with each other and appreciate common goals, interests, and values that link them together; as well as respecting the diversity of our community.
  2. Excellence: CDAA members are recognised and respected by the Australian community for high standards in career development practice, and authoritative understanding of the changing world of work.
  3. Empowered Members: CDAA members participate in continuous learning, engage with research, and are innovative in their professional practice.
  4. Governance: Our Association is responsibly managed to support members; and is well-connected and respected.

CDAA members aspire to be leaders of excellence in career development. Our intent is that CDAA members are a vibrant and diverse national community who share a collective interest in career development; and a desire to promote its ability to effect positive change and growth in the lives of all Australians.

We promote the value of career development professionals’ work at every stage of life for individual, corporate and national growth and well-being. We encourage and support our members to aspire to excellence through a broad range of opportunities for professional development and networking. The Association particularly recognises its Life and Fellow members for their excellence in the profession.

CDAA members have appropriate qualifications & experience and are committed to the Professional Standards for Career Development Practitioners and the CDAA Code of Ethics. The CDAA offers types of membership for everyone working in, studying or associated with the Career Development profession.