The CDAA is a member-service incorporated association registered under the South Australian Associations Incorporation Act 1985. The Association’s operations are governed by the CDAA Constitution and managed by a National Executive Committee elected from within the membership. It has Divisions in every state and territory which are run by member-elected Division Committees.

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 The CDAA is committed to the industry Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners development by the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA). All Life, Fellow and Professional members are assessed to meet the requirements of qualified career professionals.

All CDAA members are bound by the CICA Code of Ethics, which provides a practical guide for professional behaviour and practice. The Code lists the principles of professional conduct developed to safeguard the welfare of clients of career development services provided by members, the integrity of the Association and the integrity of the profession.

Framework of Excellence

Developing and sustaining practitioner excellence is a key strategic goal for the CDAA. The following image summarises how the Association views professional excellence:

One significant way we encourage and support our members to aspire to excellence is through our Awards for Excellence program.