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BOOK: How to Get a Job in the 21st Century
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Including the hidden job market, e-recruitment, resumes, online profiles and cover letters

'One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation'. – Arthur Ashe

Preparation is the key to all success, however in job search it is ensuring that you have prepared the right way and with the right information that will be the difference... Details
BOOK: Personalities in the Classroom
Products for Career Practitioners

Personalities in the Classroom is a resource guide which explores personality types in young people. It has been designed with educators and youth workers in mind. It gives readers tips and insights into how best to re-direct unwanted behaviour in the classroom and how to effectively engage young people in order to assist them achieve life skills, build resilience and become better prepared for the world of work.

This... Details
E-BOOK: SELFies Guide
Products for Career Practitioners | Products for Career Seekers

Purchase this three book package from CDAA Member Julie Street from Life Path Career Coaching for a self-help guide on how to write resumes, cover letters and prepare for interviews.
Reset Your Mindset - Mindfulness
Webinar Recordings - Recorded in November 2020

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in the present moment and doing it with non-judgment. As a Career Practitioner, discover Mindfulness strategies that will help you be more effective in your life and at work. Learn about how you can introduce these techniques with your clients and help them transition their career in 2020.

“Regulating the mind is like driving a car and constantly having to shift... Details