Series: Practical Strategies to Build Your Practice

Series: Practical Strategies to Build Your Practice
Webinar Recording - Recorded in March & April 2022
CPD Competency - Technology, Information and Resources

We are talented at helping our clients and students to market themselves powerfully both in person and online. But when it comes to marketing ourselves and what we do – many of us would love some help!

And help is on its way in the form of a 2-workshop series on Building Your Practice:

Workshop #1: How to Standout Online - Demystifying Digital Marketing with Deb Croucher - Brilliant Digital Marketing

In today’s digital world, we don’t just go online – we live online. We have unprecedented access to information, products, and services across a plethora of digital channels. As such, digital marketing has become a non-negotiable for any business. Deb’s insights not only take the guesswork out of digital strategy they will also help you de-stress as she takes you on a journey through fascinating learnings from her years in the industry.

Deb Croucher founded Brilliant Digital in 2009, and set her sights on partnering with hard-working business owners. Through her experience in branding, marketing, and digital technologies Deb truly believes that if a great business can harness the power of the digital space and implement the right digital solutions, they will truly thrive within their sector. Deb has developed a reputation as a pioneer and leader in digital strategy and marketing execution across multiple industry sectors. But she doesn’t just talk about digital marketing … she gets results. And she has done so for many hundreds of clients.

In this interactive 1 hour workshop, learn:

- What works and what doesn’t work with digital marketing
- Practical essentials that everyone should be doing online
- How to write content for SEO
- How you can stand out from the crowd

Workshop #2: Uncover Your Disruptive Brand Story with Nimarta Verma - Disruptor Brand

Whether you consider yourself a 'disruptor' in your industry or not, you can still adopt a disruptor's mindset. Why? Because customers' needs and desires are changing drastically, and businesses that don't keep up will be left behind.

Nimarta Verma is a Brand Strategist and Marketing Trainer on a mission to disrupt the marketing world and help brands with a vision to cut through the noise. Having been a pivotal part of growing a number of brands across over 50 industries in 10 countries for Fortune 500 companies like Unilever and Woolworths, SMEs, and start-ups Nimarta believes great marketing is not about chasing every trend, adopting every approach, or trying every platform. It’s about building a strategy and only engaging with activities aligned with that strategy.

As CEO and Chief Strategist of Disruptor Brand, a brand and marketing consultancy, Nimarta serves brands and leaders that aren’t satisfied with the status quo. She helps those brands make their impact bolder, tell their story louder, and make marketing easier. When she’s not strategizing, you’ll probably find her snuggled up with her dog Pipi, head buried in the latest crime thriller novel.

In this hands-on 1 hour workshop, participants:

- Deep dive into their target audience's hidden pain points
- Uncover the gap in the market that their service serves
- Learn how to articulate their 'disruptive' brand story (what sets them apart)
- Come away with key practical marketing initiatives they can implement to communicate their 'disruptive' brand story to their target audience
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