Dr Patrick Rottinghaus - Keynote & Workshop Bundle

Dr Patrick Rottinghaus - Keynote & Workshop Bundle
Webinar Recording - Recorded in May 2022
2022 CDAA National Conference

Keynote: Creating Positive Futures by Fostering Career Adaptability

Our shifting occupational landscape draws attention to the need for flexibility, resilience, and adaptability in managing careers. The global pandemic has accelerated emerging trends that affect career planning and the nature of work itself. Technological advances, automation, globalisation, and the gig economy are occurring within the context of social and cultural changes that require enhanced support for our clients and communities.

This session explores advances in research that can offer new perspectives for our work with diverse clients across the life span. Informed by research on career adaptability and positive psychology, the presenter highlights strategies for navigating challenges and increasing preparedness for clients facing uncertainty.

Workshop: Integrative Strategies for Career Assessment and Counseling: Blending Scores and Stories

Now more than ever career practitioners are striving to prepare clients for volatility and uncertainty affecting their careers. This endeavor requires attention to multiple perspectives and diverse sources of data to inform career interventions. Traditional career assessment inventories can provide important insights on clients' vocational interests, personality, work values, and abilities.

However, this information must be augmented with a thorough assessment of how clients approach the career decision-making process, their strategies for coping with potential internal and external barriers, and other contextual factors affecting their career plans.

Presenter Bio:

Dr Patrick Rottinghaus is an Associate Professor and the Program Director of the Counseling Psychology doctoral program and Positive Psychology program at the University of Missouri-Columbia. His research examines person-environment fit and assessment interventions for factors affecting career and educational decisions, including vocational interests, abilities, personality, self-efficacy, and values. In addition, his scholarship investigates career adaptability measurement and integrative perspectives on career development.

Dr. Rottinghaus has contributed to developing popular career inventories, including the Strong Interest Inventory, Career Futures Inventory, Kuder Skills Assessment, Expanded Skills Confidence Inventory and Find Your Interests.
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